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campaign signs. now to the devastation in the midwest. it's spreading from the gulf coast to the great lakes tonight. as another round of severe weather rips through the middle part of the country. this amateur video of the twister rolling through athens, alabama is just into our newsroom. storms in that area sent several people to the hospital. >> officials in clark county, indiana say one town is completely gone. so far no deaths have been reported from today's weather. it comes as some residents are still cleaning up from the storm system that killed 13 people earlier this week. >> and that same storm system is bringing rain to the washington area. >> it could bring us some thunderstorms. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is on top of it in storm center 4. doug? >> just an update on that. some sad news. we are learning now of fatalities down in indiana, kentucky, and now down into portions of tennessee, too. we'll continue to watch this really devastating scenario play out into that portion of the country. for us it is not going to be
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that bad. really i don't expect to see any severe weather around our area. here is storm 4 radar showing where the heaviest rain is around washington and over toward the east. we're talking about our anne arundel county, prince george's county, between bowie over toward crofton along route 50 and interstate 97 seeing fairly heavy rain. straight up i-95 toward laurel, maryland also seeing very heavy rain there and then down into northern portions of calvert county. everybody is going to continue to see that rain, even a few thunderstorms. right now the closest thunderstorms just to the south of fredericksburg trying to make their way into extreme southern maryland. notice also that line around cincinnati right down through portions of tennessee and kentucky. that is the line that we're talking about with that severe weather there. numerous tornadoes on the ground right now and that whole line is coming our way. we do not, however, have to worry about tornadoes. our worries will be of the flood threat. we could see some flooding in the area and that's why the entire area or just about the entire area is now under a flood watch until 7:00 tomorrow morning. i'll give you the latest on our
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weather and the latest on the weather going on out to the west, the really extremely dangerous weather going on out there. and my full forecast in just a minute. >> all right. we'll see you down here, doug. thank you. he offered a plea deal. prosecutors reject eld it. a jury found him not guilty. jarvis tyler has been acquitted of the murder of a 17-year-old girl, stacey seaton. news 4's derrick ward spoke with seaton's mother this afternoon. she says she knew what the outcome would be the moment the j jurors came back from deliberations. >> a free man, tyler walks out after beating his case charged with murder for hire of 17-year-old stacey seaton, pregnant at the time. police say jarvis tyler shot seaton at the request of mcdonald abraham who said she had stolen from him. the price? $400 in cash and two $100 bags of marijuana. abraham pleaded guilty to his role in exchange for a 15-year sentence. prosecutors had among their
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strongest evidence in tyler's case his dna on a cigarette butt at the crime scene. it seemed a guilty verdict was imminent. >> i knew when they walked in the door and the first female juror looked over and smiled at the defendant, i knew it was over. i almost got up at that point. >> reporter: gayle seaton stacey's mother said she had to leave before the sentencing hearing ended in prince george's county court. there had been attempts at a plea deal. the state's attorney's office offering 40 years instead of a possible death penalty. a spokesman for the office says the defense countered with a 30-year offer and the defendant would have likely served 15. the state's attorney declined and it went to the jury. >> this is not what we hoped for but we do respect the process and we also respect the jury's verdict. >> justice comes in many forms. i've been very disappointed in the criminal justice system. but i have met many advocates and heroes and have many heroes in this case. >> among them the prosecutor's
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team. they kept her appraised and even prepared for an acquittal or hung jury. wlaf the not guilty verdict of the man accused of shooting her daughter? >> i wasn't surprised. i was disappointed. i was very hopeful but i can't say i was surprised. >> reporter: she says the other defendant in the case has yet to be sentenced. that happens next week. the crime happened just on the other end of these woods here in bowie. not much has changed since then in the way of the geography here. what has changed is that mother's resolve to see justice for her daughter. it's grown now and has not been diminished by what happened in court yesterday. again, the other defendant will be in court next friday and is expected to get 15 years. live in bowie, derrick ward, news 4. >> all right, derrick. thank you. students at chardon high school in ohio returned to class today. it's been four days since the teenage gunman opened fire in the cafeteria there killing three students, injuring two others. police officers were at the school today to make sure everything went smoothly. on monday police say 17-year-old t.j. lane opened fire on a group of students.
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he's been charged as an adult with three counts of aggravated murder. one of the injured students remains in serious condition. the other has now been released from the hospital. police impersonators may have struck again in arlington. police are now looking for three men in connection with at least two crimes. the first happened on the 3700 block of lee highway. the victim was at a traffic light when a man in a black convertible mustang told the driver to pull over. the suspect in plain clothes claimed to be a police officer and told the driver he was speeding. then he asked for the victim's wallet but when the victim got his wallet back $160 was missing. in a second case a home was targeted. >> when they knocked on the front door they identified themselves as arlington county police department, forced their way through the front door. held an adult female and two juvenile children on the couch at knife point while the second subject armed with a hand gun went through the rest of the house looking for valuable items. >> police say in this case the
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suspects made off with $13,000. investigators say they don't believe the crimes are related. if you are approached by someone in plain clothes who claims to be a police officer, police say you should call 911. teachers in prince william county took to the streets today to protest the fact that they are not getting a pay raise. teachers stood out in the rain after school to protest. currently the proposed county school budget does not include any pay raises for teachers. this has educators concerned it could be the start of a long pay freeze. coming up tonight at 6:00 julie carey will have a closer look at the issue and explain why teachers in neighboring counties could fare a bit better. give yourself a little extra time this weekend if you plan to use metro especially if you plan to ride the red line. three stations will be closed on metro's busiest line. the shady grove, rockville, and twin brook stations. three shuttle buses will run between shady grove and white flint to get you around all the work. there will also be track work
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taking place on the orange and blue lines. well, there is more talk today about the washington redskins possibly moving their training facility back to the district. some city leaders say it could spur economic development and maybe lead to a future new stadium. but others aren't so sure. news 4's tom sherwood joins us with the latest. jim, we first reported on this last november. it's still far from being a done deal but everyone has a strong opinion. the washington team practices in virginia and plays in maryland. d.c. mayor vincent gray and council finance chairman jack evans want the washington team in washington. >> welcome to the politics office. >> reporter: on wamu 88.5 friday evans said there are no new developments since formal talks began months ago on the training field idea. but a newspaper story got everyone excited. >> there have been discussions. there's no agreement. there is no nothing as far as the training facility coming to
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the district of columbia. >> reporter: evans says half of a 62 acre site near rfk stadium could be used for the training facility. the skins' hall of fame, and a team hotel as part of a mixed use development similar to a modern setup in tampa for the buccaneers. the practice facility is not just the four fields. there is a hall of fame involved, a hotel, other things that are attractive and they use that facility 50 weeks a year. >> reporter: some neighborhood leaders reacted warily to the idea friday saying the nearby residential communities have planned for years for neighborhood retail ahn other services. >> we zoned this for specific eyess. it did not incorporate any talk about a training facility are residence facility. a training facility will just benefit the private interests of the team. it won't benefit the neighborhood. >> the team has shown no public interest so far in moving the
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facility to d.c. and some people are joking if the team wins more games maybe they'd have better luck. >> that hurts. >> their editorial not mine. >> maybe they need two practice facilities and their record would improve. >> i don't think you should tell the skins how to work. >> you started it, tom. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00 who's watching your child? a "dateline" investigation found thousands of daycare workers with criminal records. chris hansen joins us live next with what you can do to protect your family. >> i was thinking if we don't act fast and do what needs to be done very quickly that he was not going to survive. >> rescued by his co-workers, colleagues leap into action to save a man's life. ♪ ♪ >> and motown legend smokey robinson jams with some students robinson jams with some students in dhi. welcome to carmax.
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tornado sirens sounding off again in harrisburg, illinois today where residents are still cleaning up from the tornado that killed six people there earlier this week. so far, no tornado has been confirmed in harrisburg today but there were reports of a possible touchdown about 12
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miles away. >> you were just telling us this is really, really nasty. getting nastier. >> extremely nasty. when i came in at 2:00 we had 20 tornado reports. now there's about 50. >> wow. >> so in the last three hours there have been another 30 tornado reports and now we're starting to hear some fatalities down into portions of kentucky, indiana, and tennessee. those are the three states getting hit the hardest but also alabama getting hit very verks ha very hard. we have weather of course on our own end to deal with. it all is associated with the same system. however, we will not see any severe weather here especially i do not anticipate any tornadoes at all. so please don't worry about that here. we'll just be talking about the big storms out to the west. for us, it is rain and that's just about it. a couple rumbles of thunder but once again nothing severe. the heaviest rain is now moving away from the district up toward baltimore in through anne arundel county right along 97 and right along 50 as you make your way over toward annapolis. another band of heavier rain
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around fredericksburg just to your south. we'll do a couple zooms through southern maryland, waldorf right now seeing light to moderate rain across the area. same thing in clinton and diehl down toward calvert beach and hunting town and dunkirk. up route 3 over toward annapolis and bowie we're starting to see heavier rain around howard county in through columbia, maryland. some fairly heavy rain there. we'll continue to see this rain. you can see it moving across the region over the last couple hours. the thunderstorms are just down to our south. these are strong but once again we're not talking about severe weather. it includes richmond and you can see the storms rumbling right across the richmond, norfolk area, these temperatures a little warmer. that's why they have more instability here but widening out we see a little break in the action before the next round comes and that's going to be overnight tonight. most of this will not make its way across the mountains and hit us. we're going to be okay. look at this line extending from the great lakes all the way down through the gulf coast and right in here is where they've had numerous tornadoes and tornadoes
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on the ground, a couple reports of high schools, elementary schools, damaged or completely destroyed. nashville, tennessee right here with this storm coming right through downtown nashville right now they're under a tornado warning in that area. we'll watch this very closely. take a look at this. this is a telling item. the yellow is an area of tornado watch meaning a tornado is possible. the red is where we have tornadoes indicated by radar or on the ground. you can see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13 right now tornado warnings across this region. once again, they are moving toward the north and the east. as far as our weather is concerned this is the reason i don't expect any tornadoes here. 48 degrees. it just can't happen very often in that air. winds out of the east 8 miles an hour. that easterly wind also a stabilizing force in the atmosphere coming off the water. i'm not anticipating severe weather right here. 45 in frederick. 43 in gaithersburg. 45 in manassas so not just a rain but a chilly rain and it is
5:16 pm
going to last throughout parts of the evening hours. take an umbrella if you're heading out. here is the front. watch what happens tomorrow morning around 8:00 a.m. when the front is going to be on our door step but most of the action should stay to our south. maybe even far enough south that most of us don't see a whole lot from this. we'll continue to watch that as it moves on through. behind it we see sunshine by tomorrow afternoon for just about everybody. the only exception could be southern maryland. maybe the northern neck could be stuck in the clouds here during the day tomorrow but temperatures should still get into the 60s. how about that? then why not add a couple snow flurries to the action on sunday and maybe even into the day on monday? temperatures this evening? falling down in through the 40s. we will continue to see that overnight tonight some of the occasionally heavy rain. tomorrow 63 degrees. on sunday 53 degrees. then on monday and tuesday temperatures only in the 40s and monday we're still talking about the possible light snow, still don't anticipate any accumulation but something else to worry about. a lot of those flowers blooming. 27 overnight monday night.
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>> that's going to hurt. >> yesterday cost us. thank you, doug. it's something many parents take very seriously. finding someone to look after their children while they're away. >> and coming up tonight on "dateline friday" a hansen files investigation found a surprising number of daycare center operations who have criminal records. here's chris hansen. >> reporter: when it comes to daycare, what parents wouldn't want to know their child is in safe hands? >> we did our research on the internet. we did our pop-in visits. >> we thought as parents we were doing all we could. >> reporter: investigators are not releasing any details about what they believe happened to a 2-year-old boy inside this home today. >> tragically, it was only after their son joshua was asphyxiated by his care giver that they learned the woman had a criminal record and was being investigated by the state for slapping a child in the head,
5:18 pm
kicking a child in the back, leaving children unattended and unsupervised, yet she was allowed to continue to operate a daycare center. >> we didn't know anything about it. >> we were trusting the state to, you know, make sure this was a good working facility. >> but it turns out only 11 states do full background screenings on potential daycare workers. we found thousands of daycare workers with criminal records. from vehicular homicide to grand theft to domestic violence, child abuse, even manslaughter. the owner of this daycare center in clear water, florida, melissa van cleave, has an arrest for battery. we had an undercover family ask her whether anyone working at her center has a criminal record. >> no. >> nothing. >> no. >> later i came back. do you have any criminal history? >> no. >> none at all. >> no. >> there is something you need to know. i am chris hansen with "dateline nbc". >> yes. i think you need to go.
5:19 pm
okay. thank you. >> you do have convictions in your past. >> thank you. bye-bye. i'll let you go. >> battery, domestic violence. >> bye-bye. >> joining us live now is "dateline's" chris hansen. this looks very disturbing. what should parents look for when choosing a daycare facility or trying to make sure the one they are using is a good one? >> well, it's a great question, pat, one we get into tonight. the reality is only 11 states in our country do comprehensive background checks on daycare owners and operators or people who work there. so parents need to be vigilant. talk to other parents who have had a good experience at a daycare center and you need to go to a place where the operator, the employees have no problem with you visiting unannounced. if they say you can only come at the beginning or the end of the day, that's a red flag, a warning sign. >> so what should parents do if
5:20 pm
they suspect that their daycare provider does have a criminal past? >> well, we saw this with the mintons in oklahoma. here is this woman vicky childs with a criminal past running a daycare center. in fact, when the little boy joshua died police were coming to the daycare center to arrest her on a separate case. so if you suspect anything i think in hindsight the parents in that case would say he was acting out, different, if you see any changes in behavior, you know, you have to pull the kid out. you can't risk something like that. and states quite honestly according to the advocates we talked to in the story need to do more thorough background checks. >> all right. chris hansen, thank you. and watch the full hansen files investigation on daycare providers coming up tonight on "dateline friday" right here on nbc 4 at 10:00 tonight. when we come right back,
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"the washington post" food critic tom sietsema takes us to a germantown restaurant. i'm liz crenshaw. what does it mean to get an instant refund for your tax return? that's the question and the answer is comin
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this is henriville, indiana.
5:24 pm
devastation. the damage there you see from the chopper, live pictures from an apparent aftermath of a tornado there. >> tornadoes are doing a lot of damage and we heard earlier from veronica that the city of maryville, indiana has been wiped out. here you see live pictures of the damage done. >> that looks like a school bus on its side right above our banner there. you can see ambulances, fire rescue, just -- we heard about one town completely blacked out. that was it earlier this afternoon yes, maryville, indiana. this is a live picture from henriville, indiana. >> no words of fatalities though. >> no word yet. here are the pictures of the damage from the severe storms that continue to lash the middle part of country. doug will have a complete update on what's happening there and our weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> we want to shift gears now. it is not tough to find good restaurants and food in our area but have you to know where to
5:25 pm
look. sometimes you find it in the most unlikely places. >> "the washington post" food critic tom sietsema takes us to a germantown strip mall where they're lining up to serve some tasty kabobs. >> i wonder whether the hour-long drive in rush hour traffic will be worth whatever awaits me behind the doors of eastern kabob. the store front set in a tiny strip mall in germantown looks lonely. eastern kabob and sweet isn't the most attractive or comfortable place to explore the cooking of pakistan but i'm cool with motel art and plastic utensils as long as the signature food is genuine. the kabobs it turns out are exceptional. you hear them before you see them. sizzling and spitting on their platters as loudly as any fajitas. a length of coors ground beef is cut open to reveal grated onions, slint ra, and crushed red pepper in the juicy interior. ground chicken is propelled to greatness with jalapeno, paprika, and flavorful thigh meat. both kabobs are piled high with sliced onions, some crisp and sharp, others soft and sweet.
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and followed with a bowl of minted yogurt for containing the heat. here is fragrant jasmine rice too with cumen seeds. you may wish to inch into dinner in which case you should order an appetizer. diners are instructed, well, if they ask, to poke holes in the sheer little wheat balls light as christmas ornaments and fill their hollowes with a pinch of boiled potato, spiced chick peas and a shot of what looks like pond water but is a puree of mint, jalapeno and cilantro. in the back there are a half dozen confections including two shades of the donut like dessert and a dense as fudge and white as snow dessert. tideness i'm sorry to report is not one of the hallmarks. my advice would be to break out the wind x, dim the lights,
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invest in silver wear and background music and hire an extra body to take orders. please don't mess with the kabobs. i'm giving one half star a satisfactory to good rating to eastern kabob and sweet in germantown. >> he lisks the kabobs. catch tom's restaurant reviews every sunday in "the washington post" magazine. you can also see the reviews he's done here at nbc coming up, she wants to be paid to have sex. >> rush limbaugh targets a local student. we'll tell you what republican leaders are now saying about his controversial comments. hey, it's almost 5:30. do you know where your atm card is? are you sure? i'm pat
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welcome back everybody. following that breaking news right now out of indiana this is henriville, indiana where you can see here this is a school. this school where kids were in school at one time. they reported about 12 kids that were inside the school that were missing. now they have one missing person in henriville. henriville is a town of about 3,000 people. around the louisville, kentucky area. so right around the ohio river so the border between indiana and kentucky is where the tornado touched down here. this is the same tornado. you can see the extensive damage
5:31 pm
to the high school here. that town of marysville, town of 1900 people, is completely gone. they don't have any word of injuries but the town itself is completely gone. this is henriville and you can see here the high school obviously completely devastated here. you can still see that there are some walls and some buildings there so this is probably in the range of an ef-3, ef-4 tornado that did come through a little earlier. obviously the national weather service is going to be out and about monitoring the situation, taking a look to see how strong this tornado was. but i would say just looking at the damage there you're talking at the high school at least 130 to maybe 170-mile-per-hour winds. there you can see one house is okay. another side of the house is completely destroyed. that's what you get in a kind of tornado where it does look like you can see exactly one side of the house is okay where the other one is just gone. that's the garage where obviously the air got trapped up
5:32 pm
and underneath that garage. let's go to louisville, kentucky. no damage there right now. is this still louisville? that's louisville right there? okay. looks like the same pictures that we were looking at. that is louisville, kentucky where there was not a tornado reported. we do not have any reports of tornadoes just yet in louisville. what we do have there is a report of 40-mile-per-hour winds. guys, i'm wondering if this is -- we saw that back at henriville, too. this is going to be an area around louisville where they were hit. louisville, lexington, kentucky. cincinnati, ohio. all areas that have been hit and now downtown nashville has been hit very hard by these storms too. this is henriville, yes. this is henriville as we were talking about it. you can see them starting to clean up the debris. storm 4 radar showing that we are seeing those storms continuing on toward the east. notice around our area here in the washington region we're not seeing anything severe here. this is not where we're going to see that severe weather. we're seeing some thunderstorms down to our south but once again not too bad here. the area that's really seeing it is still back to the west around
5:33 pm
cincinnati. just to the south of cincinnati we saw that around louisville and now around the maceville area around london, kentucky and now just to the east of nashville. i'll zoom in on nashville and show you exactly where it is here. you can bz that they are still seeing those thunderstorms and tornadoes. tornado warnings in effect in many parts of the area. we'll continue to monitor this dangerous and devastating situation throughout the rest of the night here right here on nbc 4. >> all right, doug. we know you will. thank you. president obama's policy on birth control insurance coverage barely escaped a block by senate republicans yesterday. now he's among a growing number of people coming to the defense of a local law student who is now caught up in the middle of this heated issue. nbc's erica edwards reports. >> reporter: when georgetown university law student sandra fluke testified in support of president obama's policy for employers to provide birth control for all women she became a target for conservative radio host rush limbaugh. >> so ms. fluke and the rest of
5:34 pm
you feminazis here is the deal. >> he compared her position that birth control should be provided free of charge to prostitution. president obama called fluke personally. >> what did he say to you? >> he encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of american women and what was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud and that meant a lot because rush limbaugh questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me so i just appreciated that very much. >> reporter: the health care policy requires employers to provide contraception to its employees, even historically catholic georgetown university where fluke is a law student. the university president offered this statement. one need not agree with sandra fluke's substantive position to support her right to respectful free expression. rush limbaugh and commentators throughout the blogs steosphere
5:35 pm
other media channels responded with blafrs that can only be described as a misrepresentation of the position of our student. >> the fact our political discourse has become debase in many ways is bad enough. it is worse when it's directed at a private citizen who was simply expressing her views on a matter of public policy. >> house speaker john boehner, a republican, called limbaugh's words inappropriate according to a spokesman. limbaugh has not apologized for his comments. erica edwards, nbc news. and now to a financial mystery in prince george's county. some thieves drain a woman's bank account before she knows that anything is missing. news 4's pat collins joins us live from an atm used by the crooks. >> reporter: after you watch this story you may want to double check your own checking account. police looking for this pair of crooks who they say
5:36 pm
systematically wiped out a woman's savings one atm withdrawal at a time. this was money she was going to use for her child. >> it absolutely was. >> reporter: and it was how much? >> almost $6,000. >> reporter: gone. >> gone. >> reporter: the victim is a 43-year-old woman from temple hills. she had an andrews credit union account and a navy credit union account, an atm card from the navy account and a p.i.n. number from the atm all in the same place in her house. all in the same place in her house. police say the crooks wrote checks from the andrews account to the navy account and then used the debit card at atm machines to make withdrawals. $500, $200, $200, $600. over and over again until there was nothing left. detective tammy chafee is working the case. she says the victim was hurt.
5:37 pm
>> you showed the pictures of these two suspects to the victim. >> yes, sir i have. >> she can't identify them. >> no, sir she cannot. >> reporter: do you have any idea then how her checks and that atm card and her p.i.n. number were taken from her house and ended up in the hands of these suspects? >> we have no idea. >> reporter: here now the moral to the story. >> unfortunately sometimes we're our worst enemy. we'll write the p.i.n. number on the back of the card, keep it in our cell phone, put it in our checkbook and we fall victim to these. >> reporter: we set ourselves up. >> yes. >> reporter: if you know the suspects in those pictures, police want to hear from you. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news 4. >> all right. thanks, pat. we're coming right back. a motown legend comes to town. ♪ ♪
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they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. virginia attorney general lost a round today in his climate change court case. today the virginia supreme court ruled he has no authority to demand copies of e-mails written by a former uva climate
5:41 pm
researcher. the scientist's name is michael mann. he is no longer working at uva but kuchinelli alleges mann may have defrauded taxpayers by using manipulated data to obtain government grants. other investigations including one by the national science foundation have failed to find any wrongdoing on mann's part. ♪ ♪ in northwest washington students rehearsed for a big concert honoring a music icon. smokey robinson is celebrating his 50th year in the music business. he is in washington to perform at a fundraiser for the school tomorrow night. the motown legend is an artist who spans generations and has accumulated more than 4,000 songs to his credit. we'll have full story on news 4 at 6:00. erika gonzalez was down
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there. was she lucky to see that. they are talented out there. when we come right back doug is going to have the latest on the tornadoes just ravaging the midwest. and the south now. stay with us. and just in case you missed it dan has the best and worst from the world of sports.
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5:44 pm
so what does it mean to get an instant refund for your tax return? how much of the government's snow budget has actually been used this winter? where does that girl scout cookie money go? liz crenshaw joins us now with the answers in today's ask liz. great to see you.
5:45 pm
>> when you think about all the snow stuff we've had to spend money on this year we didn't really so it's a good question. >> a very good question and our first one this lack of winter weather in the d.c. region this year. with very little snow or severe winter weather how much of the snow budget has actually been used? >> okay. we checked with several area jurisdictions to get the answer. they say the snow budget is used to pay for personnel, contractors, and supplies. in the district $5 million had been used out of the $6.2 million budget by the end of february. in prince george's county the total ice and snow budget removal is $2.4 million and they've used only about $800,000 so far this year. in virginia the budget is done on a state level and in northern virginia they used a little over $20 million of their $55 million budget. so personnel, supplies, the whole nine yards. >> save some for next year. our next question is about taxes. this is timely. viewers asked what do those signs mean, liz, when they say
5:46 pm
instant refund? >> the consumer federation of america gave us this answer. it says instant refund is another name for a short-term loan. some tax preparers do your return, determine how much your refund is, and give you a loan. then your refund check is used to pay off the loan. however, the csa advises against these loans as they come with expensive fees that translate into an interest rate of more than a hundred percent. after this year you won't see instant refunds like this because new federal rules don't allow banks to make these kinds of loans. remember, if you get your refund direct deposited into your bank account it will take as little as 8 to 15 days. for more information on tax prep help always visit nbc and simply search tax prep. >> we've put in our orders. now they've arrived in the newsroom. our last question comes from several viewers. they ask, hey, when you buy a box of girl scout cookies where exactly does the money go? >> the girl scouts of america helped us with this answer.
5:47 pm
it says that every purchase from girl scouts, about 70% of the proceeds stay right in the local girl scout council. this money provides resources needed to support girl scouting in your local area and a portion of that goes directly to the troop that sold you the cookies. that's cool. the balance goes directly to pay the baker for the cookies. somebody has to pay the baker. if you have a question, you want us to consider for ask liz, send it to ask liz at nbc and also connect with me on twitter. just search liz crenshaw and on facebook by searching liz crenshaw consumer watch. >> that one baker makes all those cookies. a rich man or woman. all right. thank you, liz. have a great weekend. now back over to you. >> thank you both. here is doug with another look at the weather. >> right now still seeing rain across our area. most areas seeing light rain but there are some locations seeing some moderate rain across the area. let's look at storm 4 radar. charles county, probably seeing the heaviest rain around king george county, too, along the northern neck and making its way into northern portions of st.
5:48 pm
mary's county. we'll do a couple zooms. this was an area seeing heavier rain earlier. baltimore, annapolis, bowie. now just light rain in parts of the area, maybe moderate along route 50 and down along 301 down through prince george's county around waldorf and la plata. then you get down to alan's fresh and this is the area seeing the heaviest rain. you can see some of the areas being hit hardest as the rain makes its way through. talking about dahlgren and right along 232 and 301. heads up in that area. as we widen out we're watching for areas of storms back to the west, severe storms and numerous tornadoes still reported in toward parts of kentucky and down through tennessee and now in through mississippi, alabama, and even georgia, too. we're not done with severe weather just yet. for us you notice the break in the weather right in here. this is some very good news for us. we are seeing a nice little break here over the last couple hours and as we see that, i
5:49 pm
think we'll see that break in here for about i would say probably six to maybe ten hours. we are expected to see this line make its way through again by early tomorrow morning but most of this line right here should fall apart as it makes its way our way. we'll continue to watch out for that. there is a flood watch in effect until 7:00 for the entire viewing area. just about the entire viewing area. i'm really not too concerned about that right now. part of the reason for that is also the heavy rain we saw just the other day. jim and pat? >> all right. thanks. >> well, dan is here now with another installment of in case you missed it. >> hey, guys. a really bus wieck for our in case you missed it staff. as you might expect tons of hoops. we also have a new event at the nfl combine called diving. the daytona 500 to remember. here is the latest installment of "in case you missed it." "in case you missed it" turn out the lights. the party is over.
5:50 pm
that's what happened in indiana. it was the nets and the pacers playing right into the darkness. a couple minutes later the power was restored and the game continued. you want to see lebron james up close and personal? well, this might be a little too close. leaves a little boy crying but lebron would make amends with an apology leaving all fans happy. photographers who sit courtside should get hazard pay especially when there's a big baby coming at you. big baby is the orlando magic's glen davis who goes up and over the scorer's table. no harm no foul. he makes sure everybody is okay. and then there was the ending of the week. >> cannot believe that just happened! >> final seconds of double overtime between pomona and cal state. pomona trails by one. scott hits a three-pointer from the corner. pomona up by two.
5:51 pm
now cal state dominguez. robert willhite with a three-pointer puts his team up by one. pomona inbounds and here's the call. >> the inbound -- he makes it! anderson makes it! and the broncos win! the broncos win! 60-58! everyone is piling into center court! >> if you flip for that, you'll flip for this. actually it's jeff gordon doing the flipping at daytona's bud shootout. gordon's car winds up sliding down the track on its side and then flipping over again. somehow jeff gordon is able to crawl out of the car unscathed. certainly a wild ride to start a wild week at daytona. then on monday it was the first ever monday night daytona 500. check out juan pablo montoya. he runs into a jet drier and it
5:52 pm
explodes into a fire ball. another miracle finish as nobody was seriously injured in the blaze that lit up the night in florida. on your mark, get set, go. mississippi state running back vick ballard running the 40 at the nfl combine. looks like ballard was thinking about first down because he only ran 10 yards before tackling himself. he would get to try another time and he couldn't be stopped. in case you missed it, you have now seen it all. >> not a big deal. those guys only prepare for two or three months. >> at least he got a makeup attempt. >> that's good. >> good stuff. >> thank you. up next, co-workers save a colleague's life in the work place, an important lesson they want you to learn from this story. >> and for all your news, follow news 4 online. just search nbc washington. we're on facebook and twitter too.
5:53 pm
we're coming right bac
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
and finally at 5:00 the quick thinking of a man in upper marlboro helped save his co-worker's life. >> this morning a maryland national capital park and planning commission worker was having a heart attack. remarkably, his fellow employee
5:56 pm
knew just what to do. news 4's tracee wilkins has more in the story you saw first on 4. >> reporter: jim worthington is the lead mechanic for the maryland national capitol park. he fixes things. and not just equipment. the people. that's something he decided as a child. >> my father passed away when i was 9 years old in front of me and i always wanted to make sure that if anything like that happened that i'd be able to react properly. >> reporter: yesterday he got that chance. >> i was thinking if we don't act fast, and do what needs to be done very quickly, that he was not going to survive. >> reporter: one moment he is standing. the next moment he is on the floor. >> absolutely. he actually stood up to get a drink of water. our lunch break was almost over. and as the rest of us were sitting at the table, he just began to fall to the floor.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: a co-worker collapsed and wasn't breathing. he began compressions and then hooked the man up to a defibrillator. >> i was having second thoughts as to, okay, does he really need this? am i doing something that shouldn't be done? i'm doubting myself. but then it said administer shock. i was really surprised by that. but i hit the button and just like you see on tv he jumped and i started doing chest compressions again. after the first set of chest compressions he started breathing. >> he was like a machine. he did what needed to be done. he saved his life. >> the total gravity of the thing didn't hit me until one of the medics was standing here and he said to the other medic, if they didn't have that aed, he wouldn't have made it. and that's when it really hit
5:58 pm
me. >> reporter: the park service is not prepared to release the name of the man who suffered the cardiac arrest. they say that he is still in the hospital and in good condition and expected to be released in just a few days. he is still under observation. meanwhile, they're changing the way they live here in this park and the manager is telling me that he is going to make it mandatory for all employees to learn cpr. in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, news 4. >> the man who suffered the heart attack has been an employee at the park and planning commission for 26 years. he's also a dad. that's news 4 at 5:00. >> we hope your weekend is a good one. stay right there. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. one after another, tornadoes are tearing apart several states, entire towns in indiana have been wiped out. >> we'll hear from the mother of a teenager, a murder victim one day after the child's alleged
5:59 pm
killer was found not guilty. >> donald trump is talking about his plans to remodel the old post office building here. good evening, everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. we start with breaking news on all the severe weather that's tearing across the south and the midwest tonight. at least three people have been killed reportedly in clark county, iowa. tornadoes in indiana that is. two twisters in northern alabama also put several people in the hospital this morning. the destruction stretches from the gulf coast to the great lakes and all comes only two days after another deadly storm system killed 13 people. jay gray has more on all of this now from nashville, tennessee. >> reporter: the first hit came as a pair of violent tornadoes touched down mid morning in northern alabama. >> by the time i literally ran from one end of my house to the other, by the time i got to the garage door and opened it, my big garage doors were just, you know, sucking in and out and i ran to the sto

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